One of the most talented songwriters in history. Often underrated for maintaining a "mainstream" sound, the depth and meaning of his songs surpass the political strength of Lennon's, and even the spiritual vastness of Harrison's, though overlooked because of his clever use of metaphors and wording.

Lines like, "All the world's a tiny bubble, floating inside the truth," can mesmerize a philosopher or metaphysician with no end. Other cryptic messages like, "In years to come, they may discover what the air we breathe and the life we lead are all about, but it won't be soon enough for me," allude to a optimistic, yet time sensitive revolution of humanity.

Paul McCartney continues to find the marriage between melody, rhythm, and wisdom, all while maintaining a friendly, philanthropic, and personable public image.
Steve: I used to listen to Paul McCartney because of his infectious melodies, but lately the lyrics have had brain working overtime!
Alfred: What do you mean? His songs always seemed silly and meaningless to me.
Steve: They are! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He manages to deliver what George and John tried so hard put into song, the only difference is he knows how to relate the concepts to the every day person. Pick up some of his off beat albums like Tug of War or Driving Rain to see what I mean!
by eyeloveyoumore September 19, 2014
sex GOD.!

need i say more?
Paul McCartney is fucking hot!
by ginalOVExx February 23, 2009
One of the best singers and songwriters ever to live on this planet; Best known for singing and playing left handed bass for The Beatles; He was also in the Wings; He's a 'sex god'. You can call him Macca.
Paul McCartney,Sex God, Sexy, Amazing, Beautiful, Macca, Hottie, The Cute Beatle.
by BEATLEMANIAC June 30, 2013
A member of The Beatles. Very cute ;-). My friend is totally in love with him, but I'm not...
James Paul McCartney, actually.
by Princess Lovely-As-A-Jaybird June 22, 2005
One sexy musician whose music changed the world.

God incarnate.
Paul McCartney is like God personified
by clever-clogs July 07, 2009
Some British hippie who smoked a lot of drugs in the sixties and sang songs reflecting his hallucinations. Oh yes, this all happened while he was in a band called something like the Beatles. Aside from the many conspiracies surrounding his death (which had not happened) he also became a vegetarian, and an activist against seal clubbing. Boo fucking hoo hoo.
Yes, Paul McCartney meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.
by Play 4 Keeps March 29, 2010
Too good for this Earth. He is wayyyy under-appreciated. All idiots who have no lives and know nothing about him and like to say mean and untrue things about him should go die.

Sir Paul McCartney>god. Deal with it.

The Beatles were, are, and will always be the best band ever, and Paul was THE Beatle.
His band Wings was, is, and will always be the second best band ever. Wings was the most famous band of the 70's.
Paul McCartney was, is, and will always be the best artist in the whole universe.

He is also the most CHARMING and SEXIEST man to have ever lived!!!
Paul McCartney is above everyone and everything else. He is the greatest thing to have ever happened to this Earth. kthnxbye.
by long live The Beatles! <3 October 02, 2009

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