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To do The Paul McCartney is when you are getting sucked off by chick and when you are about to unload, you go into auto pilot with your left while saying "Beep Beep n' Beep Beep..." in rhythm and when you finally splooge on her face you shout out "Yeah!"
I totally Paul McCartneyed all over Yoko Ono's face last night!
by Andy and Mike May 05, 2006
The leader of the Beatles
George Harrison: This tent reminds me of when we used to play those dark clubs in Hamburg. Do you remember that Paul?

Paul McCartney: Of course I do, I booked 'em. I'm the leader of the Beatles.
by Maurice DelTaco July 06, 2011
An elefantine clitoris; a penis with no balls.
A: Hey, did you score with that chick last night?
B: You wouldn't believe it, when I got her pants off, she had a Paul McCartney! I had to get out of there!


I thought the bouncer at that bar was tough, but it turned out he was a total Paul McCartney. He was afraid to break up that fight!
by lilchicken September 05, 2011
The Beatles who fucked 500 - 600 girls in the 60s.
I would have fucked Paul McCartney
by beatlemaniacno1 October 07, 2011
The greatest talent ever born.
The sexiest and most handsome man ever born.
He made this world a better place, and he has an influence like no other.
The greatest voice ever.
A very kind and generous man...not a single mean bone in his body.
The best of The Beatles.
A strong advocate of love and peace.

Was knighted in 1997 as Sir Paul McCartney.
"Paul McCartney is my hero. I wish I was Linda McCartney."
by peace&luv September 26, 2009
one word. HOT. the "cute" beatle, the sexiest, the most talented beatle. left handed bass player. married Linda Eastman and had three children together while he adopted her daughter from a previous marriage. married Heather mills (gold digging slut) and had one child together. animal activist, vegetarian, artist, writer, producer, and KNIGHT. he is also known as SIR paul mccartney. real full name is james paul mccartney. SEXY.
"hi i am paul mccartney. how may i sex you up this evening?"
by xgporr August 18, 2009
A member of The Beatles. Very cute ;-). My friend is totally in love with him, but I'm not...
James Paul McCartney, actually.
by Princess Lovely-As-A-Jaybird June 22, 2005