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1. Paul McCartney=sex. Next time you're having sex and doing god knows what just remember that Paul McCartney is actually sex. So you're really having Paul McCartney. Swallow that.
2. Amazing bass player and song-writer. Not a half bad singer either. One of the most infulential and genius musicians of all time.
3. An original member of The Beatles. Enough said.
4. HOOOOOT! No, he's not just "the cute" Beatle, he's the sexiest person... ever. Except Kurt Cobain. Ha.
Crazed Beatles Fan: OMFGZ! Paul McCartney is playing a show next month!!!!
Ugly retard with no life or taste in music: Who's Paul McCartney?
Crazed Beatles Fan: *Kills ugly retard with the Yellow Submarine lunch box that they carry every where because it protects them from ever being unhappy*
by Lauren D. December 19, 2005
A great musician and underrated by puntzes who are all over John Lennon. They were both great. Get over it.
Paul Mccartney has written some of the most known songs in musical history.
by Justinasskk February 01, 2006
When you stick a skittle down someones ass and suck it back out
Charles gave jenny the most ballin Paul McCartney ever
by Nicolas V January 03, 2009
A man that deserves credit but rarely receives it. The only reason I believe he is not as 'recognized' and 'appreciated' by the vast majority of humans is because John Lennon got popped off by that loony. Sorry but it's the truth you crazy rabid Lennon fans who are frothing at the mouth as you are reading. Have a nice day.
Paul McCartney is just a great guy.
by Ramone Wyman February 13, 2008
well, crazy eddie sure is wrong. mccartney was THE bass player of the beatles but started out on guitar and played various solos (taxman, the end, to name a few) and full songs on guitar (blackbird, mother natures son, yesterday, and many many more), and even a few drums (back in the ussr, dear prudence, a few more) throughout the beatles' entire history.

he's the fucking man
duh man. mccartney is the shiiiit.
by broseph April 21, 2005
The guy who defines the word PERFECT. He is the best musician, singer, song-writer, and composer on this whole planet!! He outranks all his fellow musicians and outshines the rest of The Beatles. He was known as the "Cute Beatle" but I'd say he's the "Sexiest, funniest, most charming, sweetest, wittiest, most talented, most handsome, and most beautiful man on Earth"!!!!! He is the idol of million and millions of people around the world. (most people forget this, but he also had a band called Wings from 1971 to 1981, and it was the biggest sensation in the 70's and was truly an amzaaazing band....well, of course, cuz it was run by Paul McCartney!) And btw, he is a great actor too! AND he's vegetarian! HE'S PERFECT.
{girl no. 1}: HEY GUYS!!!! I have tickets to Paul McCartney's concert in New York!!!!! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack out of my excitement!! GODDDD, this is my dream come true!!

{girl no. 2}: OMFG!!! You should totally flash him if you get the chance!!!

{girl no. 3}: Oh no, you're not going 'cause I'm stealing your ticket!!!!

{guy}: Oh, damn, you are sooo lucky to get a ticket 'cause the concert's sold out!! I would LOVE to see a Paul McCartney concert!! No homo or anything, but Paul is really HOT, even now that he's 66, he's still got his good looks.
by McCartney Love March 27, 2009
Either the first Beatle to die or the last one alive, depending on your opinion.
Guy #1: Paul is dead.
Guy #2: Are you kidding? Paul McCartney is the only Beatle left alive!
Guy #1: What about Ringo?
Guy #2: Yeah... Ringo...
by Paulisdead August 25, 2009