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Some freaky-ass wigger with freaky-ass teeth and an annoying-yet-creepy smile that says "i'm secretly grooming your kids over the internet". Why so many "grills"? I've never heard him rap so I don't know if he has talent, but i know that those "grills" are the ugliest things i've ever seen. Why does he wear them? Is he a snaggle-tooth hick that needs a whole SET of falsies?
Paul Wall... his fucked-up metallic face scares my daughter
by Jackie June 18, 2006
A wigger who was popularized by Nelly by rapping about teeth jewelry, better known as grillz
Paul Wall is a wigger
by DJ bro wigga July 30, 2006
Paul Wall is a white rapper/DJ who hails from Houston, TX. (Durrty Durrty!!!) Arguably the best white rapper ever (fuck Eminem). He is highly under-rated because of his ethnicity and has collaborated with some of the south's greatest rappers/rap groups ever..(e.g. UGK, Three 6 Mafia, Lil' Flip etc...)
Jamaal: Mayne this white bitch is whack. why does he try to rap?

Chad: Just listen to this album: "the People's Champ" by Paul Wall and you will get hooked on this guy.

Jamaal: Your right, he is the shit, i'm sorry i doubted him because of his race.

Chad: All good son, here, light up a blunt for me...
by WestAuckz August 31, 2007
a horrible rapper who has only one line in all of his songs and is a total disgrace to music
here's how to write a paul wall song: posted up on the (insert any object)
by hurwicane May 30, 2006
An ethnically-confused, mildly skilled white rapper from Houston, Texas. Despite his constant "shout-outs" to the south side 5900 southlea block of houston, paul wall was actually raised on the north side or texas as paul slayton. he grew up in the acres homes neighborhood of north side with ex-husband chamillionaire. yet, when paul wanted to make it big, he suddenly changed his birthplace to south side, which was at the time and still is teeming with "screwed up" rap talent. he has released two major albums and appeared on several popular singles.
paul wall: yo, cham, what up my n@#$$?!!!
cham: paul, shut the fuck up. you aint black, mothafucka.

paul wall: im on that 5-9 posted up, like a mailbox, slangin' licks on the grind, puttin' money in my socks.
by musicfiend617 April 12, 2007
The people's champion.
Paul Wall is easily the greatest and most controversial rapper of our time. Although he is criticized by some, he is, and will always remain, the People's Champion.
by Sandude18 October 10, 2005
The fugliest piece of shit rapper who is ethnically confused. If you bought his gay album then you are sucking corporate dick. All he raps about is grills and needs to just shut the fuck up. He's the gayest piece of shit that has ever existed and proves that any rapper coming outta Houston is whack.
Paul Wall is a faggot and looks like he ran into a wall a too many times.
by B!TCH August 20, 2006