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Paul: meaning 'humble' in latin. P= Perfect A= Aweseome U= Unique L=Legend. Paul is probably the coolest guy around but he wont tell you that.
'That Guy Paul P is such a legend'

Kieran : 'I wish i was named Paul'
Mitch : 'So do i'
by Gigganig January 31, 2013
a gay, homophobic, swinger couple who pretend to be one person. they also speak like the queen and target underage teens.

often leaves lude and crude comments on underage girls profiles on social networking sites.
tackles admin when asked to stop his actions and finds loopholes in the system to keep out of trouble.
15yo girl: man i was on msn last night and some weird old guy started telling me 'they thought i was hot'
15yo boy: yeah me too, i think we got hit on by a paulp
15yo girl: hi asl?
paulp: wow Babe we think you are Hot, you should send us some Pictures he,he,he
15yo girl: wtf freak!

*on 15yo girl's profile pic*
paul_p: wowzers, we just made a mess in our trousers!
admin: paul.... enough.
paul_p: what? its song lyrics, go hav sex with ur husband
by Az-zoR February 17, 2010