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Created the band I'm Not Paul Bradshaw. He's the person you want to be but can't because no one is in fact Paul Bradshaw. Not Even Paul Bradshaw. It is almost another name for human because he, just like you is human. No one knows who or where he came from or why he is all over your myspace and facebook, but he's there, and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Back in the day, you would only hear the world Paul come before McCartney and Bradshaw coming after Terry, but now, Paul(AKA'd as Jesus in some religious groups) has created something that cannot be destroyed by man. Paul Bradshaw. This fictional character has found his way into the real world with a mission that will mesh the metal genre with every other music genre there is. He only creates music that he likes. He doesn't care what you like, or if you like what he creates. He will always do what he wants to do. Matt Damon was sent to help him on this mission, but bailed to be an actor. Even though this happened, Paul Bradshaw still thanks Matt Damon for everything that he's done for him at every show during the song "Who We Are". Do You Remember Paul Bradshaw Radio?
Who the f*ck is Paul Bradshaw?

I'm Not Paul Bradshaw

Why is this Paul Bradshaw stankin' up my Myspace bulletin board?

Are you, or are you not Paul Bradshaw?
by TheWorld1 February 03, 2010
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