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Interpol's handsome vocalist/guitarist. Smokes far too much. so "Paul Banks" means "smoke".
Hey, lets go and smoke a Paul Banks
by indieboynorway May 30, 2010
Well-read. Well-spoken. Likes to pretend. Likes to watch people. Probably doesnt understand how handsome he is, but most likely knows his talent and further future potential as a great musician..
Paul Banks pretends like no one else to try to control himself.
by Cherry August 22, 2004
Lead singer & rhythm guitarist for NYC band Interpol.Paul spent much of his childhood living in various European countries before returning to America to study literature and New York University. His degree may be responsible for his unusual way with words that manifests itself in many Interpol songs. His vocals have been compared to those of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, but retain a certain level of warmth despite morose subjects.
Paul Banks is a shy but captivating frontman.
by Kate June 28, 2004
Catchy blonde blue eyed lead singer of Interpol who is barely caught with out a cigarette. He is born on May 3rd, and has a girlfriend who no one knows a thing about. He is undoubtedly handsome, no doubt confused for a british man.
Paul Banks smokes and drinks to much, but he strikes my fancy:)
by Alexandra Perez November 10, 2004
A rather shy and captivating lead singer from a band named Interpol. Paul likes to hooked cos he's prey to the female,calls a girl "babycakes"...
paul has many beauty marks, i would climb the andes soley to count the freckles on his body.
by antics fanatic March 30, 2005
Lead singer of dirge band Interpol. Blonde, blue-eyed and beauty marked this man is a Slavic-looking stunner. His voice is really low and his lyrics make no sense. Alcohol is his best friend.
Paul Banks is my catatonic sex toy.
by Maria Varela November 15, 2003
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