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"Patty Porter Special"

A deli sandwhich consisting of 2 scoops of tuna inbetween 2 choice cuts of roast beef.

This sandwhich consist of 2 generous scoops of tangy tuna coupled tightly inbetween roast beef lips, jalepeno's and banana peppers are additional flavor additions that compliment this tangy tuna treat
I need something Tangy and tuna, Dude! just get a patty porter special

When jake got into my car he instantly noticed the tangy tuna smell drifting from my lunchbox, "What the fuck is that smell" He replied

it's just a Patty porter special bra

That girls crotch smelled like a dying tuna, Dude, you just got a patty porter special.
by Sourcream June 13, 2012
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