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1.)Anyone who didn't have a flag or a bible before September 11th but all of the sudden became a complete tool for the Republican Party.

2.)Those Extreme Sports Punks from the movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle."

3.) Idiots that ran around waving the flag after September 11th but could of careless about it before.
Hey Patriotard!
Where was your flag and bible on September 10th?
by Mike February 25, 2005
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An American who is easily manipulated by appeals to superficial pro-American sentiment. Is often a jingoist and rarely if ever opposes any US military action; dismisses all who oppose such military action as liberals or Un-American.

Typically rejects out of hand any criticism of his country's foreign policy, no matter how justified, unless the criticism is that America isn't being 'tough' enough in some way. Confuses support for the people and/or the founding values of his country with support for his country's government, especially if his political party of choice (almost always the Republican Party) is in power.

Uncritically swallows propaganda and slogans representing the above mindset - for example: America is 'Hated For Our Freedoms' and the troops are 'Fighting For Our Freedoms'.

Tends to place far greater importance on the trappings of patriotism (American flags, etc.) than on protecting the Constitution or upholding America's founding values.

Worships the US military. Often a Fox News fan.
"My country, right or wrong"

A patriotard says "yes!" whenever the state does some act of senseless barbarism abroad. A liberal is somone who says "yes!" when the state does some act of senseless barbarism at home.
by frubble March 08, 2011
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A bandwagon Patriots fan, clueless to reality.
ManningsArmy, ##joey##, and FatsoDonovan. And many more Patriotards on Colts forums.
by IndyColtFanatic December 27, 2005
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Patriotard. A patriot or person that retards the correct information. Such a person has a willing deficiency that parrots the information of others without accurate foundation to back it up. As a rule, this individual fails to practice due diligence and cites bogus information as though it is a religion. These types can usually be shutdown with a few educated questions
Patriotard - John is such a patriotard. I showed him that one of his political gurus was wrong using a number of legitimate sources, and he couldn't provide any thing to contradict me. I wonder why he keeps telling people the same bogus information his gurus spout after being shown the truth .
by Lieglord December 15, 2013
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