The recipients of a long-deserved ass kicking from the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. 27-17. The NFL's so-called greatest quarterback was sacked twice and picked off by the league's best defense while their rushing game was held back to sub-40 yards. The sheer joy of seeing Tom Brady weeping like a little girl on the sidelines as the fourth quarter wound down was almost overwhelming.
Steve Smith, Stephen Davis, Ricky Proehl, Julius Peppers, Mike Rucker, Will Witherspoon, and Ken Lucas owned the Patriots.
by Squid Wrangler September 23, 2005
A well picked, cheating, but still great football team.
The Patriots should have beat the fucking Giants in the superbowl!
by Jimi B. February 04, 2008
A douche of a team. They think they're the best, but they can't win them all!
At one time, the Patriots had the longest win streak in the NFL. On Halloween night 2004, the Pittsburgh Steelers shut them down killing their streak at 21.
by Scratch DJ January 24, 2005
A team who has benefitted greatly by luck and an easy schedule. After winning the Super Bowl they have been gifted with the easiest schedule in the NFL.
Yeah, we pulled a Patriots on them.
by A-Han November 03, 2004
A decent, but overly hyped NFL team. Their fans tend to be assholes that think they whooped the Panther's asses in the Superbowl. However, it was only luck that they got the ball last. Whoever would have had the ball last would have surely won. Panthers put up on hellofafight.
Patriots = teh ghey
by Kevin February 09, 2004
A bunch of hot football players!
Holy shit, the Pattriots are playing tonight! fap fap fap fap fap fap

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by AFlac Jack January 25, 2005
Someone who grew up in the rural United States and loves guns, the military, and war above all else. Hates the Constitution, except for the 2nd Amendment, and most everyone else, outside of fellow patriots.

The patriot particularly despises gays, women, minorities, and Muslims. Strongly identifies as Christian but has no idea what Jesus Christ actually said or taught. If Jesus were to reappear on earth, a patriot would consider him a weak, wimpy, cowardly, effeminate, contemptible liberal do-gooder.
1. A patriot never met a war he didn't adore.
2. Real patriots don't do peacekeeping. Peace is for namby pamby girlyboys.
by Nightjag January 25, 2015

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