They are the greatest team since 85' bears stupid. They won 15 in a row!!!!! 10-0 against winning teams. Stupid People stop complaning about the patriots saying they suck because you are jealous. i mean get a life. Pats fans waited forever for the patriots to get good and it finnally happend. So stop complaing and being jealous.
the patriots are good, if you think not your credibility is not very good and whatever you say about football teams is useless
by bobb May 15, 2004
A bunch of Cheating, low life losers who do not deserve a winning record.
"Did you watch the Patriots last night?"
"No, I didnt watch the Patriots because they cheat. The should all go and enjoy Goatse with their mothers and brothers!"
"Yeah they won again unfortunatly."
"Well, they are all going to get smited by god soon anyway so i dont care"
"thank god"
by Timothy Quipe November 06, 2007
A guy who is willing to hook up with scuds. I.E. A shortened version of patriot missle
Matty hooks up with so many scuds he is like a patriot missle.
by GT December 16, 2004
Dottie is a proud American patriot. Pity her, then kill her.
by anti idiot October 14, 2003
A bunch of no good, cheating, cry babies that allowed their cheating coach to leave the field because he was so upset that they are 18-1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Boo Hoo - We suck ass Patriots can't win without filming the other teams defense. We Suck!!!!
by Pimp Stick February 04, 2008
a misguided bomb/a massmurderer/a child with a gun
oh no ! its an americanpatriot! duck and cover!
by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
best team in the nfl, end of story
the pats killed the panthers in the superbowl
by Smith August 15, 2004

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