A real patriot is someone who loves their country enough to speak up when they see something that needs to be changed; not someone who blindly assumes that their government knows best and is always right no matter what.
I am a patriot in the real sense of the word, not the post-9/11 "if you don't kiss our government's butt you're not a real patriot" sense.
by D-Shiznit August 16, 2007
beer or soda(energy drinks)
hand me some patriots like red bull,etc..
by SideVT October 15, 2008
Someone who always talks of dying for his of her country, but never of killing for it.
Patriot guy: I'm gonna join the Army and die for my country!!! Be a martyr!

Smarter patriot guy: I'm gonna join the Army and kill for my country!! Not that I'm afraid of death, but killing for my country will do it much greater good.
by Vasili Koslov August 30, 2008
syn. - To Choke, to lose big, the act of choking, to be a huge disappointment.
Person 1: Did you see that guy lose?
Person 2: Yeah, He must have come from the New England Patriots.
by p33p33 February 05, 2008
Air blown from one's mouth with the intention of blocking a bad odor from reaching the nostrils.
My cousin tried to burp in my face, but I shot it down with a patriot.
by Chocotacojewboy October 16, 2007
any one that follows the president unquestioningly, no matter what
Hitler and his loyal patriots
by dutchland October 21, 2003
One of the more useless moderators for the Playstation Underground. Currently, he spends his time with his boyfriend Jeffrey, who is a world champion poodle breeder. This term is very oftenly used on the internet to describe someone that is extremely useless.
You are being quite a (insert word here) today similar to the useless moderator of the Playstation Underground named Patriot
by Careful Observer March 17, 2008
You're all such stupid smacktards. A patriot is one who likes and appreciates their country and fellow man.

All of you stupid faggots are defining a nationalist.
Another wasted urban dictionary entry, just like America, France, and Nintendo.
by Elitist January 18, 2004

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