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1. someone who believes that the country in which they happened to be born entitles them to the destruction of other peoples and nations.
2. someone who finds paying taxes in order to overthrow existing foreign governments, replace them with their own nation's corporate lobbyists, and then later destroy them when deemed to be out of compliance with the economic interests of their own country to be a worthwhile expenditure.
The Ameriacn patriots empowered Hussein with millions of tax dollars and weapons in order to fight Iran, then starved 50,000 Iraqi children a year from 1992-1997 by blockading and destroying supply shipment routes to civilian areas before realizing that yet another war was necessary if their country was ever going to establish true economic control of a region vital to nurturing American overconsumption.
by trueamerican September 08, 2003
Patriot? Not one definition here fits patriot. Most, if not all, define a nationalist. Alas... another wasted entry in the urban dictionary.
Patriotism is love for one's country, not disrespect for all others.

Patriotism is the virtues that make you want to defend your fellow man, regardless of their borders.

Patriotism knows only virtue, nationalism knows only prejudice.
by AnonymousGuy December 06, 2003
1. An American football team from Foxboro, MA. They have been called a "football dynasty"... up until Super Bowl XLII.

2. Any group that is dysfunctional or a waste of time; a group that wastes valuble resources.
The Patriots ended their 2007-2008 season with 18 wins and 1 "giant" loss.

Husband: Honey, did the newspaper arrive yet?
Wife: No, it hasn't.
Husband: Stupid Canadians- I mean, Patriots!
by Sid Barrett February 06, 2008
syn. - To Choke, To choke under pressure, can't win when they need to, THE BIGGEST LOSERS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1:Did you see that guy lose that game?
Person 2:Yeah! He must have came from the New England Patriots.
by cacapoopoopeepeeshyre February 04, 2008
One who fully supports the U.S. Unfortunately, this results to them leading that anything not American is retarded.
Me: Why do you hate me?
Patriot: cuz u like anime, and anime is teh s uck
by DJ gs68 September 16, 2003
Bunch of hacks who got their asses handed to them by the NYG during the epic Superbowl 42. Have a cheerleading squad of fans comprised of the same club who don pink BoSox caps.
True Patriots fans are like true Red Sox fans: There are very few far and in between.

The 18-1 record butt-hurt the Japanese deep sea scuba diver, who happened to be wearing a Patriots jersey and neon yellow Red Sox hat at the time.
by sux0r February 04, 2008
Someone who like to hook up with a scud.
This came from the fact that during the Gulf War Patriot missiles took down scud missiles.
Yo man, last night Matty was a total patriot. He hooked up with that scud so i could nail her hot friend
by Matt C December 16, 2004
While reading these so-called "definitions" I realized that hardly any of you know what a patriot really is. A patriot is a person that loves their country and would do their best to defend it if it came under attack.
A good example is me. I know when those Commie tanks come rolling down the road, I'm going to give them hell!
by "Guy" February 19, 2004