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1. someone who believes that the country in which they happened to be born entitles them to the destruction of other peoples and nations.
2. someone who finds paying taxes in order to overthrow existing foreign governments, replace them with their own nation's corporate lobbyists, and then later destroy them when deemed to be out of compliance with the economic interests of their own country to be a worthwhile expenditure.
The Ameriacn patriots empowered Hussein with millions of tax dollars and weapons in order to fight Iran, then starved 50,000 Iraqi children a year from 1992-1997 by blockading and destroying supply shipment routes to civilian areas before realizing that yet another war was necessary if their country was ever going to establish true economic control of a region vital to nurturing American overconsumption.
by trueamerican September 08, 2003
Someone who put a flag on their SUV after 9/11 and thought they had done their part.
Patriots caused WWI
by Sane in a World of Insanity November 16, 2003
An amazing team that has undergone scrutiny because of a misunderstanding of NFL rules and is often the butt of retarded jokes because no one can come up with anything else bad about the team and he New England Patriots have beaten every other team in the league in the past 4 years.
Cheatriots- a very bad name for the Patriots
The Patriots are the best team in the NFL today,won 15 in a row after a rough start, and went on to win it all.Good players, awesome QB and Kicker, and has a good chance to win it all next year too.
The patriots are the 2003 super bowl champions!
by Lewis3:16 June 05, 2004
To come so close yet so far

To be the best...only to loose in the biggest game of your life

Patriots = FTW != Superbowl

To give it like a man to the rest but bend over, and hold the ankles while a midget ass rapes you
Eli: Hey tom, did you get laid yet?
Tom: Well... I met her 1. brother, 2. her sister, 3. the dad, 4. step dad, 5. mom, 6. dog, 7. grandpa, 8. mailman, 9. grandma, 10. uncle, 11. aunt, 12. cousin in law, 13. fish, 14. boss, 15. coworker, 16. ex boyfriend, 17. insurance guy, 18. high school teacher
All of them liked me
Eli: did you get laid?
Tom: No I got rejected by her, she doesnt like me anymore
Eli: you pulled a patriots?
Tom: Yah, all that hard work for nothing
by ohfuck February 04, 2008
See also La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo.
Ocelot is in league with Solidus, and with the Patriots, but will the Patriots condone the acts of either Solidus OR Ocelot?
by Grey Fox November 10, 2004
One who stands united with their bretheren. Love for one's people (regardless of race or class). Often confused with delusions of supremacy do to misuse of term. An individual member of a "greater whole" striving for a common ideal. In the American sense, this ideal is anti-collectivist, anti-fascist, and pro-liberty.
A patriot realizes that sometimes liberty can only be achieved through mayhem. Israel Uber alles!
by Iggy Hazard December 13, 2003
(n.) One who is proud of thier roots and has love for thier fellow countrymen and thier land.
Most of the definitions here represent the 5% (270 million, or ther abouts)of the world who are in the united states. Patriotism is 95% about the rest of the world. Rule Britannia, and fuck your pitiful homelands. Rise again! Rise again!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004