an expensive of tequila
What we drankin? That patron. Keep the bottle poppin all night long. What we somke? That kush. Predidential shit. George Bush
by G-Reg B. May 09, 2006
Top Definition
A high quality brand of tequila that comes in Silver (regular white tequila), Reposado (“rested”, aged for 6 months), Añejo (“aged”, aged for one year) and Gran Patrón (triple distilled and aged). It also has two flavored variations XO Café (coffee flavored) and Citrónge (orange flavored).
"You can hit it like a game of ping-pong, if you give me two shots of Patrón." -Missy Elliott
by Icy88 March 06, 2006
Patron Añejo, an expensive brand of tequila.
"Take a shot of this here Patron, and it's gon' be on" - Usher
by The Lurker December 15, 2004
an expensive brand of tequila.
frequently mentioned in rnb songs.

"if you left your man at home,
get two shots of patron,
if you got your favourite thong on,
we gon party till the morning"

pitbull - freaky.

joung jock has a whole song about it.
"yer i was hittin up that patron all night"
by michael separovich March 10, 2008
An expensive brand of tequila which black people drink before they have sexual intercourse.
Ma shawty and i was sippin da patron befo we get to da sexin', yo. Mah dat good shit, we gone and we doesn't even know it, yo.
by nahh? November 07, 2010
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