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Latin for "suffer"
The Peyton family motto is Patior potior - I suffer, I obtain.
by violentdayzie July 30, 2011
mix of words: pathetic and senior.
1. used to name a senior in highschool who cant get a date.
i.e. a loser, creep, freak.
2. a senior who is a player and has dated all upperclassmen so he hooks up with innocent freshmen.
3. a senior taking a freshmen to prom.
that boy is such a patior, he hooked up with that freshmen even though he has a senior girlfriend!

god i hate it when girls act like such patiors! she totally took a freshmen to prom, who does that?!

ahah i feel like he is going to become a patior when he's a senior.
by s/cohen August 10, 2009
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