Really sweaty arm pits
Good sweet Patches O'houlihan i have sweaty fucking arm pits. Lock
by Dj Lock April 29, 2010
Top Definition
You are having sex with a girl, reverse cowgirl style in her wheel chair, on an incline. As your finishing, lift her by her lifeless hips, and toss her in front of the wheelchair, and proceed to run the bitch over. The best part about this technique, is she'll still be there tomorrow. But if you're a gentleman, you'll call her a cab.
So I gave this girl a Patches O'Houlihan, and I was going to call her a cab, but she got hit by a semi. At least I got the wheelchair out of the deal.
by Jeff King Man February 24, 2007
A bald bitch that is bald not on purpose but by accident.
Gotdamn look at that Patches O'Houlihan ass bitch, she got no hangtime.
by HitsCripWALK January 20, 2013
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