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The inability to stay awake when reading any work bu Boris Pasternak especially his most famous work Doctor Zhivago. More than 30% of High School students suffer from this condition without even knowing it. While narcolepsy is the main symptom. Other symptoms may include: Excessive amounts of drool, fatigue, eye pain, hallucinations, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Suicide can also occur when combined with large amounts of alcohol. Those diagnosed with this condition should refrain from driving or using heavy machinery while reading the novel.
Guy 1: Hey man did you do the World Lit Homework last night.

Guy 2: What lit homework?

Guy 1: The Zhivago Homework.

Guy 2: Naah man, I can't. I have Pasternakian narcolepsy, I couldn't read it even if I wanted to.
by tekboi94 February 03, 2011

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