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The Passenger Seat Hijack is when a dude masterbates in the passenger seat of a form of transportation (car, van, airplane, etc.) while the rest of that vehicle is occupied by others. The "hijacker" then yells "jack, jacking, or jacked" as to let the crew members, and other passengers that they are experiencing a passenger seat hijack.
Bro 1: Dude how wasted did we get last night? Did Ryan really pull Passenger Seat Hijack on Christy's car?
Bro 2: Yea bro....Ryan was so hammered with his pants around his ankles and yellin "JACK! JACK! JACK!" while strokin his sausage in the passenger seat.
Bro 1: That dude's got issues. I'm never drinking with him again.
Bro 2: Tru.
by Hangover, PA March 23, 2014
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