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Large group; particuarly of small kids who have designs on beating the hell out of a nearby adult.
I shit you not. It was little Lord of the Flies. They were a right passel of little bastards.
by Antony Beerbottom August 07, 2012
A boatload of something - especially emotions or angry children.
A passel of hatered. A passel of dirty nippers. A nasty passel of dangerous little bastards.
by AboutMe September 04, 2012
a gathering of one or more homosexuals
i went to a party and it turned out to be a passel
by bigjakes May 08, 2008
Passel is the continous insertion of doo doo into your gordita.....number 5; 1.99. The little bit of semen left over from your chimy chonga from Guadalupes place on the corner.
Nice passel Suzzie Jo