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1. A Sri-Lankan first name.

2. A word used to describe a brown guy who is very dear to fellow brown people.

3. A brown guy who excels at one subject, yet fails at another.

4. A name for a devoted Linkin Park listener.
1. "Dang, u know that sri-lankan guy Pasindu?"

2. "That Pasindu is really friendly with those desis."

3. "Did you hear about that Pasindu guy?"
"Ya, I heard he's in like Calc III but is failing Latin"

4. "Man that Pasindu guy loves that band, Linkin Park"
by Wasif Knows(Nose) April 17, 2009
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1. A Sri-Lankan first name. Most Pasindu's are brown people often accompanied by long last names.

2. A super-smart Sri-Lankan. Most Pasindu's tend to skip some classes but fail at others.
1. Man that Pasindu guy has a long last name.

2. "Did you hear about Pasindu?"
"Ya i heard he's in Calc 3 but sucks at Latin"
by GoTo Blast April 17, 2009

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