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The term for the car model Chrysler Pacifica.
Known to be unreliable and prone to repairs, the Chrysler Pacifica is a hard to find commodity upon the streets nowadays.

It was originally designed as a cross-over SUV, meant to compete with Infiniti's FX35, the Nissan Murano, Honda Element, and the Toyota/Scion XB.

The Chrysler Pacifica was meant to output 240 engine horsepower. However, compared to other vehicles in the class and their relative acceleration and quarter mile times, the estimated 240 Horsepower is not accurate.

Along with this, many persons would assume the Pacifica would be good at handling rough road conditions. However, the Pacifica only maintains front wheel drive without a limited-slip differential meaning that for most instances, only one wheel will be receiving power.

In general, most problems found in the Chrysler Pashitica include:
-head gasket failure.
-transmission failure.
-master cylinder failure.
Dude, why do you drive your mom's pashitica?
Your babywagon pashitica does not hall ass.
Get a real SUV, a pashitica doesn't cut it.
by 89Bonneville April 07, 2009
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