An answer when one truly agrees with something.
Someone: Are you ghetto?
You: Pa sha!
by Xo-Xo October 26, 2005
Top Definition
Sexy, Nice *unless messed with* , Fighter, Sweet, Caring for his lover, Protective, Doesn't follow crowds, Usually has brown eyes
His name is Pasha
by GreatOne23 November 20, 2010
Has a big dick, extremely Sexy and cute.
Damn look at Pasha.
by HotChick103 August 16, 2011
- Someone who thinks that a "money shot" is when you win a lottery scratch game
- the only person who might b conned over and over and over in the same way
"hey pasha, where does rubber come from?"
"psshh... it comes from tires"

"so u wanna go to a strpi joint pasha?"
"yeah!! hey i bet if u pay the strippers extra money...they'll probably have sex with you!!"
by ted hitler April 07, 2005

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