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'Pasha' originates from the word 'pasher' or 'to pash'.

The act of 'Pashing' is to involve yourself in passing with other peoples conversations making loud incoherent noises and smiling widely.

The word 'Alpturer' derives from a mixture of the words 'Alp' and 'Turer'.

'Alp' refers to the 'Alps' (as in the mountains)

and 'Ture' is the norwegian tranlation of the word 'carouse' which means to take part in a noisy drinking session.

So to be an 'Alpturer' one must take part in noisy norwegian drinking sessions in the Alps.
Example of pashing

Man 1: So what you doin this weekend then?
Man 2: don't really know, I might...
Pasha: (interrupts) waaaaaa :) (Carries on walking)

Example of Alpturer

Man 1: We had a great noisy norwegian drinking session in the Alps last night!
Man 2: Your a right Alpturer
Pasha: Waaaaaaa :)

Someone who does all of these things would be a Pasha Alpturer
by joestuart October 23, 2007
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