(Maryland Area) A very small living suburb that some may refer to as the "redneck ghetto". The Dena is possibly the only place in america to find toothless panty sniffers, badass gang bangers and anorexic drug addicts all in one cozy little area. Strictly recommended for visiting purposes only.Once you get in... you'll never get out.
"My brother was shot in the Dena yesterday when he was caught banging his neighbors husband... and dog at the same time."
by The little one March 30, 2005
A city that is NOT a suburb of Los Angeles, has a mixed population of socioeconomics (Northwest pasadena=ghetto), where the rose bowl is, where I unfortunately live, where the amount of homos are increasing due to the "trendiness", and where the schools suck.
Aww, I don't want to go to private school, I wanna fucking go to PHS, damnit!!!!
by poopNscoop August 01, 2004
A town that quite possibly could be as ghetto as maryland can get, with the exception of Baltimore. Its common for a boy named Mike O'Donnel to get dragged there by his girlfriend and have to buy a hoodie for her.
someone- Hey mike how was pasadena, i used to live there you know?
Mike- What the fuck are you talking about, your not black, poor, or ugly. infact i find you quite attractive, wanna go have sex?
someone- not really
mike- too bad!
(hump hump hump)
by Yahweh February 20, 2005
A small suburb outside of downtown Los Angeles. Crappy air quality, but lots of rich snobs live there. Also home to the Rose Bowl stadium, as well as the New Year's Rose Bowl Parade (which sucks).
I went to the Rose Bowl to eat frosted flakes.
by lasucks July 11, 2003
a place near the best down, severna park, and the even better town of annapolis. people are horribly unattractive and wanna-be ghetto. it is a shame that perfectly good land has to be inhabited by fugy hoes.
those bitches live in the 'dena
by DELAWARE is the best state March 03, 2005

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