A city that is located in the Los Angeles County part of southern California and is also one of the worst places to inhabit. There are a lot of crazy people in the city and most of the people are either very culturally relativist or politically correct or are rednecks that don't normally use logic.

The politically correct ones will keep spouting bullshit such as how all views are equal and how "it's their culture" or "it depends on the individual" which is stupifying at best. They usually will accept every messed up thing about a different culture even if the culture does things such as infanticide or promotes racism.

The rednecks here are stupid as hell considering how they don't know what the public domain is and how they think that John Milton should be sued for using religious characters in his stories.
Pasadena is a city in southern California that is filled with nothing but either politically correct morons that are lacking in IQ and logic or dumb rednecks with no brain.
by Digital Preacher January 22, 2015
also known as the dena, a wonderfully boring place in Maryland outside of Glen Burnie and next to Severna Park, not as dirty as Glen Burnie but not as snobby as Severna Park
Hey! Aren't you glad you live in Pasadena and not Glen Burnie and Severna Park?
by JJBrown March 02, 2005
(Pasadena, Md.) The most horrible place one could ever live. It's incredibly boring since there is nothing at all to do besides smoke weed and sit around and maybe go to McDonalds or the even more riveting- Pops (local gas stations that is known for selling to minors). Pasadena is the land of rednecks, white gangsters(who are not gangster at all), and bitchy preps. Many of the population owns a boat, but dosen't go anywhere or do anything on the boat. There are no fun partys- just small get togethers where everyone proceeds to get fucked up over 2 beers or a twisted tea. Any good person would want to get the hell out of here before there absorbed into this hell.
Carlos- hey wanna go to a party in Pasadena?
Tony - Hell no man, ide rather not have two natural lights then get hit on by a 13 year old.
by horshkaba January 17, 2011
fashionable, snobby, polished, wearing expensive clothes
He'd never date her, she's not pasadena enough for him.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Also a city in Texas that neighbors Houston and always has a green cloud hovering around the city. Home to more than 2000 chemical plants and some mutated fish and animals.
Breathing the air in Pasadena, Texas is like sniffing ammonia and paint thinner and dog shit all at once.
A suburb of Houston with a population of around 200,000. A cool town with a very diverse population. An Industrial town with alot of money. Also, the home of the famed Gilley's Club featured in the film "Urban Cowboy". A place where the coolest of rednecks can live!
Nickname for Pasadena: Pasa "gitdown" dena
by A big D August 09, 2008
(Maryland Area) A very small living suburb that some may refer to as the "redneck ghetto". The Dena is possibly the only place in america to find toothless panty sniffers, badass gang bangers and anorexic drug addicts all in one cozy little area. Strictly recommended for visiting purposes only.Once you get in... you'll never get out.
"My brother was shot in the Dena yesterday when he was caught banging his neighbors husband... and dog at the same time."
by The little one March 30, 2005

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