Pasadena, MD:

Despite the popular belief that the general population consists of uneducated, toothless ho-bags, everyone who lives or grew up in Pasadena knows that this group makes up only approximately 5% of the population. 75% of the population knows how to fix your car or how to put an addition on your house.

20% of the population hold college degrees and have jobs that are completely useless...but they make lots of money anyway. This group generally has not learned anything useful in their lives, and therefore cannot fix cars or build anything without it promptly falling apart. This group gives most of its pay to the other 75% that know how to fix cars and build houses.

2% of the group that holds a college degree also have graduate degrees. They generally wonder what they're doing in Pasadena when they could be living in neighboring Severna Park or Arnold. However, they realize that in Severna Park, they could lose their life savings if their dog craps on the neighboring lawyer's lawn. In Pasadena, the neighbor will thank you for the free fertilizer.

Despite the popular notion that there is nothing to do in Pasadena, there are various restaurants in which one could eat. Most of the teenagers who live in Pasadena don't realize that their cars can travel distances greater than 10 miles, and could land them in Annapolis or Baltimore in about 15-20 minutes. They would rather drive a few miles and hang out in the local fast-food eatery's parking lot. Some local teens lack the funds to finance a vehicle due to spending all of their money on spray paint...which they use to tag signs, fences, etc. In this way, they can mark their territory on property not owned by them, and pretend that they own something. This group of teens will never own anything because they are essentially morons. This is as close as they will ever get to property ownership.

Half of the population owns a boat. 30% of the boats are in working order. The other 70% are owned by college graduates...who spent all of their money on getting their car and house fixed by the other group that do not have college degrees...and they have no money left to pay to fix their boats.

by molson1025 February 05, 2009
(Pasadena, Md.) The most horrible place one could ever live. It's incredibly boring since there is nothing at all to do besides smoke weed and sit around and maybe go to McDonalds or the even more riveting- Pops (local gas stations that is known for selling to minors). Pasadena is the land of rednecks, white gangsters(who are not gangster at all), and bitchy preps. Many of the population owns a boat, but dosen't go anywhere or do anything on the boat. There are no fun partys- just small get togethers where everyone proceeds to get fucked up over 2 beers or a twisted tea. Any good person would want to get the hell out of here before there absorbed into this hell.
Carlos- hey wanna go to a party in Pasadena?
Tony - Hell no man, ide rather not have two natural lights then get hit on by a 13 year old.
by horshkaba January 17, 2011
also known as the dena, a wonderfully boring place in Maryland outside of Glen Burnie and next to Severna Park, not as dirty as Glen Burnie but not as snobby as Severna Park
Hey! Aren't you glad you live in Pasadena and not Glen Burnie and Severna Park?
by JJBrown March 02, 2005
fashionable, snobby, polished, wearing expensive clothes
He'd never date her, she's not pasadena enough for him.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Also a city in Texas that neighbors Houston and always has a green cloud hovering around the city. Home to more than 2000 chemical plants and some mutated fish and animals.
Breathing the air in Pasadena, Texas is like sniffing ammonia and paint thinner and dog shit all at once.
A suburb of Houston with a population of around 200,000. A cool town with a very diverse population. An Industrial town with alot of money. Also, the home of the famed Gilley's Club featured in the film "Urban Cowboy". A place where the coolest of rednecks can live!
Nickname for Pasadena: Pasa "gitdown" dena
by A big D August 09, 2008
Pasadena..otherwise known as "the dena" has two things. Gas stations and grocery stores. There's basically nothing else except a few fast food restaurants and the roadhouse. Our schools suck and most of them are poor as God knows what and there's absolutely nothing to do when you're bored unless you wanna go mini golfing. The Dena is chock full of rednecks, preps, wiggers, and posers. A lot of people hate it here....but a lot more of us like it. Mind you..we don't like it enough to stay around and raise our kids here.
Person 1: "I'm bored."
Person 2: "Me too."
Person 1: "Let's walk to Wendy's!"
Person 2: "Sweet!"
by Jessers July 17, 2005
(Maryland Area) A very small living suburb that some may refer to as the "redneck ghetto". The Dena is possibly the only place in america to find toothless panty sniffers, badass gang bangers and anorexic drug addicts all in one cozy little area. Strictly recommended for visiting purposes only.Once you get in... you'll never get out.
"My brother was shot in the Dena yesterday when he was caught banging his neighbors husband... and dog at the same time."
by The little one March 30, 2005

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