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Name for cargo shorts worn on a BAMF. Don't even.
"Friday night - got my party shorts on. So much storage space. Guys, let's get weird!"
"OMG look at those dudes with party shorts. *giggle* I can't even contain myself. 'Hey boys, call me and I'll suck your c0*k!"
by seattleantihipster April 30, 2013
To wear compression shorts to a party with nothing else over them is to be wearing party-shorts. The party is typically a college rager. It is often themed as to be the reason that compression shorts are acceptable attire, but doesn't necessarily have to be the case.
Girl:Why is that guy dressed like Lance Armstrong, what type of party does he think this is wearing compression shorts here?
Guy: Oh those are just his party-shorts, he knows what's up.
by BottomBTheorist January 11, 2011