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An obnoxious person, usually a drunk nasally female, who acts over-excited at parties and social gatherings and greets everyone who enters with an obligatory high pitched squeal. The Party Siren tries to feel important by attempting to make everyone feel welcomed, but instead she ends up singling new guests out, making everyone feel awkward, and ultimately gives everyone a headache. She wants to be cool and the only way she knows how to be cool is by over exaggerating her self confidence and acting like she is having a great time, and the only way she can think of displaying how great of a time she is having is by screaming a lot as if she were on an invisible roller coaster with drink service. Other times the party siren can be heard is when shots are being consumed or camera phones are filming. She's gonna prove she's the life of the party, one ear-drum at a time.
Veronica was being an inconsiderate party siren when she blasted her agitating shriek from across the room as soon as Christina entered. "OOOOOOOHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOD! CHRISTTIIIIIIINAAAAA!!! WHOOOOOO!!! PARTY!!" She almost entirely derailed the book club meeting that night.
by njb84 January 11, 2014

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