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Djs that do what they do best, play a party and rock the house! They play only one kind of music, good music. Any genre is fair game for a party rocker; hip-hop, rock, reggaeton, old school, funk, freestyle, latin, house, techno, rap, crunk, booty, breaks, gutter, electro, retro, reggae, dub-step, 2-step, d&b, r&b, mash-ups etc.
Those djs were party rockers! They played all kinds of stuff like hip-hop, old school, crunk, freestyle and house!
by Arox June 03, 2008
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Someone who can Party anywhere whether it be an actual party, the grocery store, or even at home alone. A party rocker can party for days straight with or with out liquor and/or hard drugs. BEWARE: Their are many amateurs who believe that party rocking is shuffling or fist pumping mostly wannabe's.
Snookie and Deena (Jersey Shore) True party rockers
by I am Sam, Sam I am December 29, 2012
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Anybody who after hearing any song by LMFAO thinks that they party hard, love "techno", or can "shuffle". This trend is typical among frat guys but is also very common in any other type of douchebag.
Guy 1: "Tonight I MAY get locked up for mass murdering some party rockers..."

Guy 2: "Stop with the party rockers. That sounds faggish"

Guy 1: "That's the point bro... they are"
by dea335 January 29, 2012
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A person who parties to at least 6 in the morning and goes to at least 2 parties in one night.
Yo, Christiina is such a party rocker! We didnt get home till 6am, and we tore up 3 different parties, yo!
by xAustin January 01, 2012
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