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Some exhibition of talent specifically used to entertain at gatherings. Often some goofy impersonation or a strange talent, but may be as broad as a favorite song or poem.
My brother's party piece is his ability to wiggle his ears; mine is singing "Getting Married Today" at lightning speed.
by The Porridge Bird April 03, 2006
Appears in the lyrics for Disintegration, by the cure. I can guess what it means, but really have no idea. "Firm" ideas anyone?
oh i miss the kiss of treachery the aching kiss before i feed the stench of a love for a younger meat and the sound that it makes when it cuts in deep the holding up on bended knees the addiction of duplicities as bit by bit it starts the need to just let go my party piece ..."
by lewen June 24, 2004
A male which has a girlfriend, and while she is away plays with his Party Piece.
"what you been upto man?"
"Mrs is away so playing with my party piece"
"ha sweet"
by KatieLovesIt! April 20, 2009
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