A person who dresses like an animal with the intentions of partying harder than the average person. One who organizes other party animals, because we party animals prefer to travel in groups; adding to the chaos and go-off factor. This person doesn't necessarily always need to dress like an animal to party, but facepaint and neon colors are highly encouraged. And most importantly, a party animal has more fun than a regular person could ever fathom.
Look at that awesome guy in the neon leopard leggings and amazing facepaint, he is having so much more fun than me! He must be a party animal!!
by Crippled Party Animal! May 07, 2011
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A nice sensible person who has her priorities straight and manages a healthy work / life balance.

A person who can be the life of the party but is actually quite smart.
Farris, that guy in Corporate Finance is such a PartyAnimal!
by FarOut123 November 26, 2011
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A human, usually female, that has a perpensity to being drawn into a celebratory environment. Often named Eva.
Eva is such a party animal, she blew off work to celebrate the opening of a drawer.
by Pagan_Ranger July 22, 2010
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This party is amazing! You are a bunch of Jim Benedict's... The party animal
by MrFixit741 October 25, 2014
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