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A group of two or more people who bring ultimate fun and unbelievable crazy energy to any party they attend. Their appearance at a party usually results in group outsiders experiencing the best night of their lives.
Dude, once Henry and Meghan's Party Brigade came to my house shit got crazy. Best night of my life!
by ProPartyStatus303 January 26, 2011
A group of super fun and hot chicks who make every event or party they attend even more crazy and pleasurable than it could ever have been imagined! There are multiple chapters including Houston, Nicaragua, San Clemente, Austin and San Francisco.
We don't crash parties, we create them!
The Houston Party Brigade arrived at my birthday party and everyone started dancing!!!!
by Nas T Bone February 02, 2010
A group of homosexual men who take road trips to wineries in or around the Virginia tidewater region.
Dude, grab the wine bottles and condoms, its time to party brigade.
by Party Boyz February 18, 2012
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