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PHHS is one of the most oppressive high schools in Parsippany, New Jersey. It is located next to St. Christopher's Church and across from Brooklawn Middle School. PHHS is a high school where the 1st amendment of the constitution was used to wipe Dr. G's butt. You can't speak your mind and your freedom of speach is stripped from you. Its a circular school so you can't get lost but it smells like wet dog and fart everywhere you turn. It is full of potheads, druggies, alcoholics, and sluts. These girls need to be tested on the daily. PHHS is one of the wealthiest schools in Morris County, but is run by an evil dictator.
Dr. G: Talk about the administration one more time and you will be suspended!
Student: But I was just using my freedom of speech.
Dr. G: Freedom of speech and all other constitutional rights are not allowed here atParsippany Hills High School!!
by Complainer February 19, 2012
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