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Parsi Poon Juice, aka PPJ. Vaginal secretion from certain ethnic women that is rancid...classically described as "more putrid than the dumpster behind a cheap chinese seafood restauraunt."

While its properties have not been fully characterized, it is known to be caustic and may well contain the world's most diverse yet concentrated flora of STDs. It's offensive, corrosive, and just plain old fashioned nasty. Not even NASA could design a safety suit that'll protect you...

While it is unclear where the word originated, it is now quite common in large cities in India as well as in the UK and America.
"I was fooling around with that PPJ (Parsi Poon Juice) burned my nostrils... and a hole right through the sheets! It burns when I pee...and pretty much do anything else. I better go get tested."
by DMehta August 23, 2007
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