Wicked fit Punjabi chick that is in ER now. Sure as hell the only reason I watch ER!
Parminder Nagra makes life worth living
by some guy February 18, 2004
Top Definition
Beautiful and talented actress who starred in Bend it Like Beckham, and is now currently on ER. Parminder brings a fresh image to Hollywood, very different from the typical 20 year old Barbie doll image that the media has bombard us with. Her acting is incredible, especially for someone who has never had any formal training.

She has received acclaim for both BILB and ER, but unfortunately still is underrated in Hollywood. She unfortunately was relegated to the secondary role for her work in BILB, and did not get the publicity she deserved. But hopefully, we'll see more of her in years to come.
Parminder Nagra is a great actress and deserves more opportunities/better roles in Hollywood!!
by ps September 23, 2004
A pretty British desi who currently stars in ER and was in Bend it like Beckham.
"who is that beautiful south asian chick?"

"that's Parminder Nagra"
by Neela Ragostra January 08, 2004
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