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After covering your cock in popcorn butter, you ejaculate while masturbating using two popcorn scoops into a courtesy cup, which inturn you serve as topping for your lovers evening snack.

There after, the lover finishes the last drop and precedes to shit in a bag of marcus theatre raisenets, in which you place in your ass, while before saving all farts for an entire week, so you can burst them out projectiling into your lovers ass, while they also saved farts for a week. This "game of catch" continues until the chocolate melts in the asshole which acts as lubricant. You use the handles of the two popcorn scoops to reac inside to the prostate, creating a big enough hole to pour icee into, freezing the entire anal cavity in place so later you can shatter it with the popcorn scoop.
T-bird gave cotty one hell of a parkwood popper, thus resulting in an injured arm.
by Doc and Brenda June 12, 2007
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