To make goal or shot from far away… from the parking lot. Or to hit a ball into the parking lot. Is parking-lot pimpin'
Weber from half court... parking-lot pimpin'
by GwaltWill July 18, 2008
Game one spits outside the club, cuz they are chargin' too much for the guys to get in.
Me and my folk last week were parking lot pimpin, cuz the club was letting all the females in for free while they were making all the guys pay $20 at the door.
by quepasa doc July 18, 2006
rollin' in da p lot chissy checkin' for holla back girls
my roll dog Nick H always be rollin' the p lots screenin' for ho's
by Abrahaam May 31, 2005
These guys don't know what they are talkin' boutParking lot pimpin is when you pick up chicks in a parking lot on foot, bicycle, skateboard, and ride off in their car.
Hey, I got an idea lets go parking lot pimpin
by Burzerk June 02, 2006
Act of hanging out; or chilling in a car with some of your peeps.
After the movie James, Josh and Megan where parking lot pimping at Taco Bell in the Honda.
by Piker March 10, 2003
1.Fucking in a parking lot.

2. Fucking in a public place, at night or during the day.
We don't need no hotel, we parking lot pimpin
by rtof December 22, 2007
Dancing in any parkin lot to loud music from a car or whateva.
we was parking lot pimping in the school parking lot.
by Britney Brit September 20, 2007
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