The condtion that develops after a man or woman has recived numerous mini-vans.
That broad/fag parked so many mini-vans that he/she has a parking garage.
by Ranchhandler October 18, 2007
Top Definition
The place where ShayCarl enjoys singing loudly.
In the parking garage!
by Miranda13898 April 16, 2011
I place to hang out, usually downtown. Perfect for getting away at night, and listening to music. Can literally be a parking garage. Perfect for messing around, and escaping.
Thomas: hey dude, where are we hanging?

Kaitlyn: parking garage. duh.

Heather: you bring the music, I'll bring the lawn chairs.
by the joker161 February 15, 2010
A woman who receives much traffic in her vaginal region. Generally, men will park here, but not stay for long, and often will not come back. Eventually, her vaginal region will actually become large enough to have its own parking garage (as in a place where cars park, not penises)
"Damn Ray Ray, your girl slept with 18 guys in one night????", said Bon Quiqui, "Yo bitch is a parking garage"
by Mallinneedofaparkinggarage January 20, 2010
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