An intensely vigorous method of anal penetration, involving thrusts of metronome-like precision, which tends to violently rupture inflamed hemorrhoidal glands.

v. tr.

To engage in such an act.
"You're going to have to choose between fucking Mike and being able to shit regularly for the next few weeks, because that dude parkers like a madman."
by Walt Berryman April 27, 2006
shagging a girl in the anus and cumming onto her tits
He parker'd her last night
by duh duh dummer July 18, 2010
Mutha Fcuking Gay ass homo WHo will Fucking die cause he a fucking muthafucking gay ass homosexual
"You man u one gay ass parker"
by LMFAO OWNED November 16, 2004
i could write a book about parker. i'm not sure i could write about him, as well as i could write about the way he makes me feel, but i could try. He's inconsiderate, and immature. He doesn't clean up his messes, and he never says goodbye when he leaves. He smokes - it's a bad habit. He has a pipe that he bought from an antique store in town. He likes to enjoy a drink occassionally, and he likes to help girls enjoy a drink occassionally. He's awkward, quiet, and anti-social, and every time i think he'll be somewhere, he doesn't show up. He never shows up. I hate that. I hate him. I hate Parker.

I hate him so much, and yet I love him. I love him more than I've loved anyone ever before. I can't look at him in the eyes because I'll fall apart, I can't fall asleep because every time i close my eyes i see his. I can't move on and I don't know why. I can't move on and I can't stop loving every little thing about him, even if he does mock me or never show up on time or stay in strings class long enough for me to tell him I like his shoes.
there is no example of parker.
he's the only one.
by notsleepingsoundly November 19, 2010
(v.) to steal the seat of another
I was going to sit down when he parkered me.

Dude, don't parker me I was sitting there.
by Martin11111111 March 05, 2010
A real cutie that will wait a while before actually making a move on someone. Once they do, the guy will end the relationship over nothing, like a jerk.
Sandy: Jeff just broke up with me and I didn't do anything.
Candace: Forget him. He's a Parker.
by BuddyTheElf44 June 18, 2010
The smallest "city" in the united states... with a lovely population made up of mostly a family that had 16 kids. It used to have a pool till the city couldnt afford it anymore. It also had a movie theatre in like the 50's. It is home to a grocery store that is over priced and the food is expired.
In between Foxburg and Bruin lies Parker
by FaTTy2010 May 11, 2009

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