he'll flatter you at first, but he's the fuckboy of the world. he's a player and his friends aren't trustworthy. so he's a loner basically. he wished he didn't play so many girls ... but they don't give a fuck. and he has a tiny ass dick
girl: oh my he's a fuckboy his name must be Parker
by _bitchiknow October 11, 2015
a GIRL Parker, is very sweet and creative. She has short hair (now) and people always call her a guy. She is super skinny and wears my clothes a lot. Parker also loves pigs and giraffes.
Alice: Have you seen Parker's pig collection?
Sara: No
Alice: Well you should because it is AWESOME!
by Hats Girl November 22, 2011
An overly sensitive prick.
"You're acting like a Parker."
by swammernuggets February 27, 2014

An intensely vigorous method of anal penetration, involving thrusts of metronome-like precision, which tends to violently rupture inflamed hemorrhoidal glands.

v. tr.

To engage in such an act.
"You're going to have to choose between fucking Mike and being able to shit regularly for the next few weeks, because that dude parkers like a madman."
by Walt Berryman April 27, 2006
shagging a girl in the anus and cumming onto her tits
He parker'd her last night
by duh duh dummer July 18, 2010
Parkers are a type of dog, they usually bark for no reason, and have terrible breath. They have also been known to lick your dirty underwear.
That dirty homeless guy must be half parker!
by Kevin Rumpuljefferhamelton April 22, 2011
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