Someone who is known to break Xbox 360 controllers by simultaneously throwing them at his Xbox 360 console, due to anger caused by sucking balls at Halo and Call of Duty.
Guy 1: "Dude, he asked to borrow my controller for the weekend, but he's such a Parker, I don't know if I should do it."
Guy 2: "Don't!"
by fgsdgybsr gfbh November 15, 2010
A small town in the Southeastern Denver Metro Area in Colorado. Parker is composed mainly of white, conservative, Christians who see no problem in silently imposing their ways on others. However, this is destined to change in coming years with increased migration from bankrupt California.

Despite all of it's shortcomings, Parker is actually a rather nice town with three high schools and low crime rates.
Me: I'm glad that Obama is President of the United States!
Parker resident #1: No way! He's a Muslim, Socialist, liar!
Me: What? That's ridiculous! I've never heard anyone say such hateful things about our Commander in Chief!
Parker resident #2: Welcome to Parker, dude. People are like that out here.
by Parker Rez January 17, 2011
a super sexy girl that likes to hangout in her basement and play pokemon. she knows all the pokemons name because they once visited her in a dream. she likes to walk around naked because she is not ashamed of her body like all you uptight bitches and hoes. has a huge donk and double ds and a vajayjay made of butter and gold.
man that chick is such a parker
helllll no theres only one parker
by pinktaco3535 February 18, 2011
to fuck someones armpit from behind while tickling the other one from the front
becky - "eww, you went a little excessive with the deodorant today"

denise - "dammit that's cum, I forgot I gave a Parker last night"

becky - "ooh that sounds nice"
by jiggo swizzle February 08, 2011
he'll flatter you at first, but he's the fuckboy of the world. he's a player and his friends aren't trustworthy. so he's a loner basically. he wished he didn't play so many girls ... but they don't give a fuck. and he has a tiny ass dick
girl: oh my he's a fuckboy his name must be Parker
by _bitchiknow October 11, 2015
Parker is a super sweet guy and can change your miss instantly! He can make anyone laugh after anything. He will help you for so much, and he makes the most perfect boyfriend in the world. Don't let a Parker go girls, he's a real keeper. Jk he's a mother fucking douce asshole and you should probably hate him. He will date you, but only if you have a nice ass and boobs. Ps he has a small dick. K bye.
Girl one: Parker is so sweet!

Me: what are you on?
by Swagswagswag420jkdrugsrbad February 21, 2015
a GIRL Parker, is very sweet and creative. She has short hair (now) and people always call her a guy. She is super skinny and wears my clothes a lot. Parker also loves pigs and giraffes.
Alice: Have you seen Parker's pig collection?
Sara: No
Alice: Well you should because it is AWESOME!
by Hats Girl November 22, 2011

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