sticking your finger in someones ass as a joke, started by the kid who did it to himself and took a picture of it
*sticks finger in ass* PARKER!
oh man, i just got parkered!
by bl4ck_m4g1k_k1dz February 01, 2009
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Parkers are usualy amazing. They are aggressive, they are great in bed. They are amazing boyfriends. Parkers have a great sense of humor, they make you laugh and they have funny yet very cute facial expressions. Parkers will make you smile no matter what mood you are in they will make you one happy camper and they help you with any issues you have. Parkers are amazing people and are aggressive, if you know what i mean.
girl- dang im sore
girl 2- o it must be parker
girl- yah he is so aggressive
by sambina003 September 16, 2008
a lady's man/ sexy beast, who can get any chick he wants. i wish he would go after me but he won't and his dick is huge
i saw parker last night with 20 chicks
by jmoser December 20, 2008
Parkers are sweet, funny, gentle, yet manly, and very polite. These boys are the type of boys that will always open the door for you and comfort you when crying or angry. They are very funny, always reciting the hilarious movie/show lines or just a story or joke. They captivate attention and will keep you wanting more. There amazing abs and arms are so hot and their deep brown eyes mesmerize you into a soothing, happy feeling. Their touch is warm and caring towards his girl and loves to kiss and hug her even in front of their/his/her friends. Parkers will always treat you important and nicely. They even laugh at jokes that arent funny just for the person to feel better. They are also very witty and smart.
Parkers know when they can act immature and when to fool around with his boys. They are perfect and well mannered in front of ladies and in front of his guys he lets down his guard a little to relax and laugh with the boys. They enjoy playing "Call of Duty" and soccer, with some football on the side. These men are great at dancing and can control their partners into a suave form.
They care about the way they look always dressing sexy and delicious in sweaters jeans Active wear and of course, ADIDADS!
Parkers arent ones to fall into temptation though. They know how to say no and stick to it. Once a decision is made in his mind, it is set in stone. They also take in past experiences and learn from them.
Parkers are all around great people, boyfriends, and/or friends.
friend: "aww girl your boyfriend is so proud of you. He is such a Parker!"
me:"i know... he is a keeper:)"
by HPgeek November 01, 2009
A guy who loves life, and is sweet. He deserves to be treated with respect, and it a total cutie. He'll always be by your side, and is very thoughtful. If a Parker likes you, dont ruin your chance with him, cause he is sure something. :)
Parker is the most ahmazing guy ever!
by Some1else2 September 15, 2010
Someone who will blaze you without asking anything in return. they are one of the coolest types of people in the world.
Tom: Shit man, I don't have any weed or any money to buy any
Greg: Yo, thats okay, come with me I will blaze you
Tom: Thanks man you rule! You are such a parker!
by brandon420 December 27, 2007
An absoloute legend with rather marvellous music taste, quality banter, perfect facial hair and enormous sex appeal. There is however, in most cases, an awkward silence when he claims to be awesome.
Parker: "I'm awesome"
Everyone in the room: *awkward silence*.
by FlumpyMcFlump June 24, 2010
Parker's are awesome people who are fun to be around. They usually play an instrument or sports, most of the time both. They will always be there for you. If they're single, get them while you can. You'll live a happy life with Parker by your side.
Girl 1: I'm so glad I'm going out with Parker
Girl 2: I know, he's so cute. :D
by RandomHobo March 19, 2011
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