Getting sucker punched and knocked to the ground by a much smaller person.
Dude, you just got parkered by a 12 year old girl!
by 0352 Doc October 11, 2011
Top Definition
To have the wrong part/item ordered for you to install at a client, thus making YOU look stupid.
Me: I got to the client to install some RAM only to find I'd been Parker'ed. It was laptop RAM and I needed Desktop RAM! I was SO embarassed and had to come back later after getting the RIGHT part ordered. The worst part is the original is non-refundable!

Co-Worker: Yeah, man, you got TOTALLY Parker'ed!
by StriderWA September 20, 2010
So drunk that you wait until your beer is warm to shotgun more of it.
Man, I was so parkered last night I went through a 30 Rack of Busch.
by riles1 August 26, 2008
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