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Someone very rich, (and clever!) and elegant from a prominent, famous, socialite family such as the business mogul Balash family, the Kennedys, the Astors. Jacqueline Balash, the Balash cousins (Michelle, Angelina, etc.) and Gloria Vanderbilt are all excellent, typical examples of Park Avenue Princesses with families being established Park Avenue - families with properties around the world.
Those unique Balash cousins are such Park Avenue Princesses! From her feet to her head, the rich, beautiful and classy Park Avenue Princess, Angelina, is the closest thing to New York royalty!
by Brooke.Holsson September 06, 2014
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The original park avenue princess was Nan Kempner. Park avenue princesses are generally rich heiresses of wealthy business moguls who live on the prestigious Park Avenue in New York City who inherits their family fortune. Usually blonde, rich family, famous, and socialite.
Books like "The Princess of Park Avenue" and "Bergdorg Blondes".
Some examples of park avenue princesses are Nan Kempner. If Paris Hilton lived on Park Avenue, she'd be one.
by Angelina-Maria July 16, 2008

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