Ms. Hilton is a spoiled little no-talent wallet humping twit who probably takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

Her history is a revolting one, and her current "career" sees her in everything from skits on SNL (where she embarrasses herself with one bland performance after another), and movies such as House of Wax in which her overall acting ability only slightly rivals that of wax fruit. Many people are tired of seeing this rat-faced mascarra caked mongoloid sharing screen time with actual celebrities, but for some reason there are other far more stupid people who enjoy her "work". If you happen to be one of them, congratulations, you are assisting in dumbing down entertainment for the rest of us.
Paris Hilton used to somewhat pretty, probably charming, then Hollywood got ahold of her and now she resembles a cross between a gorgon and a wet chihuahua.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
An overexposed rich bitch, who is only famous because
a) she sleeps w/ half the famous men, is super slutty and an whore
b) she made a sex tape and pretended to be remorseful and shocked
c) her great grandaddy owns the hilton hotel chain
what i wonder is why everyone is so insane over the sex tape thing...she is ugly!
1) A ugly slut comes walking down the street..."there's paris hilton!"
2) She pretended to be angry that her ex spilled the beans on her sex life? Paris Hilton lives again!
3) She is paris hiltoning if she is gonna spend $500 on a pair of shoes
by Sorsha December 21, 2003
You know, I read all these definitions, and in response to the people who say 'OMG ur all just jealous shes so hawt!!!oneone11!!!' I really don't find her the least bit attractive. She sucks at film-making and she's a skank.
Rabid teenybopper: OMG i worship paris everyones just jealous! LOL!!!1!1!!oneone!
Me: Dood she's a cheap skank.
Rapid teenybopper: no she isnt!!!1! LOL!!!
Me: How very intelligent.
Rabid teenybopper: i kno im lyk so smart!
Me: That was sarcasm you idiot!
by Darth Assclown August 06, 2005
biggest slut on earth
"shes so skanky shes like paris hilton in her new sex tape."
by greendaygrl17 January 05, 2005
Skanky ho celebrity that NO ONE is jealous of who has retarded fans who are always defending her by saying people who hate her are "jealis". Oh yeah, we are all so "jelous" of her STD's and her lack of a brain. Get real. She's a waste of space, a useless human that deserves NOTHING but ridicule, scorn, and derision. I would spit in her face if I ever met her, and I hope to be able to do just that one day. Oh and to you retards who love her, think about this: she would ignore you if she walked by you on the street, or make fun of you. Most guys think she's ugly and useless anyways. I hope she wrecks her Bentley into a wall and deforms her face even more than it already is, and gains 100lbs and dies of her super virulent strain of herpes.
Paris Hilton: Oh, let's see what I should do today. Go have sex with 50 guys and share the wealth of my STDs, waste some more of my daddy's money on $200 sweaters for my rat dog, get drunk at a club and screw 50 more guys, flash my tit or my nasty bony ass to the paparazzi, and basically be the useless cumdumpster that I am! That's Hot!

Me: Why don't you give some money to a homeless person or help a needy family?

Paris Hilton: No, they deserve to be poor, and Tinkerbell needs a new sweater, oh, I gotta go make fun of nice, smart, responsible people that actually WORK for a living, how not hot of them!

Me: I hope you die bitch
by tsarina amanda May 01, 2006
Not slang per se, but potential falls within these categories:

A lazy lay-about. Someone who coasts by by virtue of their name. A disproportionately-featured, grotesque "model." Someone who has more than they deserve. An incredibly stupid and obnoxious person. An alcohol-soaked ho-bag. A dehydrated slag in a luxury car.
Paris Hilton's single engine Sesna was flying over the coast of blank, when...
by Evil Robot March 27, 2005
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