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the rare form of a flat and slutty rich girl who is on the cover of every tabloid. she has never worked and enjoys giving fellatio.
the paris perfume collection smells like cum.
by clevelandsteamer August 26, 2005
Whore that put out that crappy video so she could get better ratings for that shitty ass show, The Simple Life. Then pretended it was her then boyfriend.
This slut has had so many boyfriends, I won't be surprised if she catches some nasty disease and drops dead.
by I forget January 14, 2004
A whore who thinks she pretty.
A rich bitch that I want to steal money from.
She only is famous because her great grandfather owned the Hilton hotels.
She reminds me of a horse, for a strange reason.
She probably slept with a bunch of ugly people and/or famous men, just to get noticed in the media.
She made fun of people on the set of the simple life.
She a super-whore.
Why are you going buy a wall at a store.
How many people do you think she slept with?
by Paris the whore February 28, 2004
The wealthy heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune.
The existence of Paris Hilton is the clearest argument against the hypothesis of intelligent design.
by enzio March 10, 2005
adj.Skanky,Illiterate,Shallow, Materialistic, Slutty, Self-Absorbed, Talentless,Alcoholic,Useless,Dumb!
That girl is so Paris Hilton and yet people worship her dumb ass!
by down to earth February 05, 2005
v. To Sleep and/or buy your talentless, skanky ass to the top.
That talentless ho Paris Hiltoned her way to stardom.
by Cheyenne January 02, 2005
Stupid talentless whore who only got where she is because of her family name. Has done jack shit to earn any of the money she has and has contributed absolutly nothing to society. People look up to her only because she's in the public eye.
A Paris Hilton is a person to be despised.
by Majin Boo July 06, 2005