hot, foolish, VICTIM, totally innocent, very cute smile, needs to do something with her life other than party and shop,
explores herself through clothes, definitely intriguing famous person.
read ELLE's article about her (April 2004 i think) Absolutely gorgeous spread on dresses (piiink, roberto cavalli :))) and pretty informative article, especially the last paragraph.
by dina May 21, 2004
A rarified beauty that everyone slags off. Has a wonderful speaking voice too.
I love Paris Hilton and her sweet little dog.
by Krissy April 18, 2004
everyone is getting pissed about her coz she is famous. No talent?!? I don't think so, she managed to do some things, i think i'll prove all you haters wrong. She is an accomplished model, has written a book, appears in a lot of films and tv shows, starting a clothing line, starting a dog clothes line, a modelling agency, a make up line, had enough!! etc...
for everyone who is saying that she's untalented think of a better reason next time, yeh!
don't hate her because you're poor, ugly, fat and sweaty. shes worth millions and millions, is beautiful, has a model's figure and is fun to be around (i've met her)
by tinkalulu April 03, 2005
All of you people who call Paris Hilton anorexic, ugly, and a rich bitch are most likely fat, ugly, and poor...get a life and stop bitching about other people...
fat, ugly, poor person: "OMG did you see Paris Hilton? She is so ugly and looks like a stick...I would never do that rich bitch..."
by Nikki March 30, 2004
Prettiest Celebrity in the world, who wrote an awsome autobiography *Everyone should buy it* PARIS I LOVE YOU!
*Hey, Did You See That One Hot Chick?
*Oh, you mean paris?
by amy kidd January 20, 2005

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