the greatest argument for having the wealthy sterilized.
separated at birth?? Paris Hilton and a doorknob
by beastfan August 12, 2004
1. Noun: A Hilton hotel in Paris, France.

2. Person: A cunt on bird legs.
I surfed the net and came across Paris Hilton.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
Ugly walking stick with no ass,tits,face or respect for herself.


She's not rich and beautiful she's rich and Fugly. and has nothing to be jellous of.
Look at them bones: She's a paris Hilton.
Walking corpse
by Pokey December 17, 2003
See: Anorexic
See: Slut
See: Whore
See: Ugly
See: Stuck up rich snob
Yo that stuck up skinny ass ugly whore Paris Hilton dont deserve that fortune.
by doggy March 24, 2004
A symbol of America's total moral collapse.
Paris Hilton should have been sentenced to 45 days of seeing (and directly experiencing) how America's least fortunate actually live.
by Action Man June 14, 2007
Pure Evil Personified.
Do i really need to explain?
by Cheesebadger May 10, 2005
biggest zero to benefit from nepotism since bush
paris hilton and george w. watched 'the hills' today. a fight shortly ensued after george tried to change the channel to 'i love toy trains'.
by cxnnor May 08, 2009
Whore that put out that crappy video so she could get better ratings for that shitty ass show, The Simple Life. Then pretended it was her then boyfriend.
This slut has had so many boyfriends, I won't be surprised if she catches some nasty disease and drops dead.
by I forget January 14, 2004

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