Another word for USELESS
Joe: Wow, that meeting was useless.
Scott: Yeah, just like Paris Hilton
by fanboys of anything suck dick February 02, 2009
n. 1 a person who has not done motherfucking shit to be idolized and looked as a celebrity 2 pretentious cocksucker 3 No personality 4 Dull 5 Boring 6 Nose Surgery 7 Orange Tan 8 Fake blue contacts 9 A waste of make-up (about 3 fucking tons of it to make her look good) 9 Without make-up a shit-faced fucking ugly gremlin 10 A generic looking platinum blonde no class whore that acts no different than a redneck piece of shit slut in the trailer park that all the other redneck trailer trash people wish they looked like or had in their bedroom 11 The perfect example of taking the girl out of the trailer park but not taking the trailer park out of the girl.

you get the idea…fuck Paris Hilton
"Me, a slut? What ya'll talking bout? I ain't no Paris Hilton!"
by Chris August 30, 2004
a word used to describe a rich, ugly, skinny ass hoe.
That girl is so Paris Hilton!
by mydogsnameispizza November 16, 2004
1. One who looks like a cross between Big Bird, Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, and a toucan.
2. See: attention-whore, one who has done nothing to get where she is, no talent, racist, stupid, spoiled.
3. Shallow people believe that those who see her for what she is - a stupid, untalented, skanky, uninteresting, ugly waste of space are fat and ugly and poor.
Nikki Ann: OMG Paris Hilton is so kewl! If u hate her ure fat and ugly and poor and jellous!
Me: I'm actually quite skinny, good-looking, and not jealous and not poor.
by Lucy February 24, 2005
A nasty, disgusting whore who most guys get WAY turned off by, and who did nothing to deserve her fame, while people like me who are determined to make it big with actual talent, have to work harder than people like Paris Hilton will ever have to in their life. Paris does NOT deserve to be the celebrity she is, she's ugly, trashy, stupid, and she has nothing, *nothing*, to be proud of. And, to all you people who say people like me are "jealous", you need to reconsider who has dignity and talent here, and who is the world's ultimate whoreish piece of crap.
Paris couldn't get famous any other way, so what did she do? Made a sex tape that looked like two people having sex in Iraq.
by Wishmistress February 20, 2005
cum guzzling, filthy, rotten, cock whore!
South Park said it best..."Stupid, Spoiled,Whore!"
by Flonson Khabot January 29, 2005
An unattractive girl with a penis nose.
Wow, so guys like no ass, no chest, and white washed/orange skin.
by ARROW'D May 13, 2005
a) A person who insinuates themselves into the public consciousness, only to find themselves so utterly devoid of value, they must make themselves cheap spectacle in order to linger the full fifteen minutes to which they feel entitled.

b) A trust fund baby.

c) A woman with a body like a stocking full of pine cones.
Hey, is that Paris Hilton?! No—it's just a pile of rags.
by plasticman June 09, 2004
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