A clear example of all that is wrong with the capitalist world. She is markedly skinny, rather airheaded, an example being her creating a dog clothing line (would someone please inform me what manner of idiot thinks thier dog either wants or needs clothing?). With her great wealth, she has managed to do absolutley nothing of any real merit; she has done some few things in the entirely useless industry of "fashion", which has never and never shall be of any use to anyone, ever. She is also known for being a women of loose morals, and for attempting to get the attention of the entertainment journalists by any means neccesary. She can be perhaps thought of as a media produced celebrity, viz. a person who obtains fame not for having ever actually done anything that is all that interesting in and of itself, but rather, by the design of the media, which continues to report on these petty actions until they seem important by sheer force of repetition.
More disturbing than Mm. Hilton herself, however, are those individuals who actually look up to her. I remain entirley baffled as to how, precisley one can look up to this capitalist swine. What is there to admire; the fact that she lucked into wealth she never remotley earned?; her looks? I remain at an eternal lose to understand these odd persons. Do they simply not know of anyone of real worth that they may look up to? Frequently, the Hiltonists will attempt to defend her with a list of her "accomplishments" and "merits", and will then proceed to state that those who feel revulsion for the emodiment of all that is wrong with the modern world must be jealous of her wealth, or are ugly, or some combination of these concepts. This is usually a source of amusement, bafflement, and sadness over how people can feel so attached to such an utterly worthless individual.
1. Entertainment Ecexutive 1: Ok, we found some girl that's incredibly rich, dumber than anyone I have ever met in my life, has been passed down a fortune from her rich father, and hasn't been able to keep her legs shut long enough to bother doing anything that might be remembered beyond 4-5 years.
EE2: Wonderful. So the Paris Hilton cloning program has born fruit. Excellent.

2. Would someone please be so kind as to help the Hiltonists find someone more deserving of thier blind loyalty?
by NapoleonIV August 12, 2006
A vacuous cum dumpster whose pussy lips rattle when the wind blows. Dumb as a box of hammers, existing only to spend the family fortune and be seen in night-vision home movies looking like a hairless white ferret having sex. Doesn't know what 'Walmart' is (ref Simple Life Season 1).
"What's Walmart? Do they sell walls there?" Oh Jesus.
by BoneyMaloney June 07, 2005
-Heiress to the Hilton Hotel family fortune.

-Basically has never worked an actual job a day in her life and even admitted to cheating off people on tests in high school.

-Sister of Nicolai/Nikki Hilton, daughter of Cathy and Rick Hilton.

-Due to just being unbelievably rich alone, has been given a TV series "The Simple Life," movie roles ie "House of Wax," and numerous commercials both in the United States and internationally

-Supposedly is a racist as she called two African designers she met at a fashion show the dreaded N word after they asked her if they could model their line of clothing.

-Is also known for a sex tape in which she's featured in night-cam having sex with and giving blow jobs to her ex boyfriend, Rick Salomon.

-Known for her dumb-sounding one liner "That's Hot"

-Was best friends with fellow rich girl and daughter of singer Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie until something happened and their friendship broke apart.

-Is now "best friends" with singer Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly Stewart.

-Carries around her dog TinkerBell wherever she goes even to parties.
Ex:A rich girl who's gonna inherit God knows how much, she has never worked a day in her life and yet she's getting things handed to her like a Guess jeans ad and a movie role? How over-rated can Paris Hilton be?
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
Something that the media and the general public goes crazy over for no good reason. One of the many reasons why I weep for this nation.
Can Paris Hilton just go away?
by Jon April 14, 2005
An unemployed trust-fund baby who:

Would give you change if you gave her a penny for her thoughts.

Would be out of her depth in a parking lot puddle.

Donated her brain to science before she was done using it.

Is like railroad tracks: she's been laid across the country.

Has a shoe size that is the same number as her IQ.

Has the grammar skills of a stillborn fetus with Down syndrome.
Paris Hilton is also a racist, talentless, and never finished high school. If you took her (parents') money away, she'd be begging for bread on the street corner within the hour.
by Bycho Psitch March 05, 2005
She is a no talent heroin assistant crack whore looking, deflated ass cheek showing, idiot! She has the audacity to think she's hot. She has a man's face. Maybe if she'd eat something, she wouldn't look so masculine.
She looks like a french fry.
by Narcissa February 07, 2004
A useless slut who has done nothing to be where she is today. A freeloader. The untalented bitch who is famous for having money **sad** A skinny whore who can't even operate something as simple as a toaster. Lindsay Lohans idol. When you hear the words "like," "totally" or "totally and stuff!" repeatedly, you know Paris Hilton is around.
Paris Hilton: I'm a useless slut! yay!

**Have you seen House of Wax? How did she get a part in that? oh thats right, cause they never employ real actresses for shitty teen slasher shit movies.
by b3c July 16, 2005
-A girl only made famous due to the fact she banged some ugly guy while taping it and he decided to get rich off her pasty white ass and no tits.

-A girl who has lots of money just due to her last name being Hilton. She doesnt have to work for her money, it gets handed to her on a platinum platter. She can run around with her tits hanging out for more publicity when everyones sick of her, because shes never done anything worth while and people only notice her when her "privates" are hanging out. Classy.
"Miss Hilton you must have given a trillion fucks"
by Jen August 11, 2004

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